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Ventilation Servicing & Maintenance

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Ventilation System Servicing

We are a ventilation specialist and offer a range of ventilation service options for home ventilation systems including;

Annual ventilation servicing and regular filter changes are fundamental to long term performance and good indoor air quality inside a home.  When a ventilation system is clogged with dust and debris, it can't do the job its supposed to and this can lead to issues such as condensation, mould, excessive noise and more.

We provide ventilation servicing and maintenance works in London, Home Counties, South Coast and Midlands.  

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Ventilation System Servicing Options


Heat Recovery Service



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  • Full comprehensive service of your heat recovery system including clean/sanitise unit, valves, duct connections and new supply/extract filters
  • Airflow testing/rebalancing and service report
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  • We are experienced with all makes and models;
    Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic 
    Greenwood HR155/HR185, HRV1/HRV2 
    Zehnder ComforAir & ComfoCool, CA155WM, CA185WM
    Nuaire MRXBOX ECO2/ECO3/ECo4
    Titon HRVQPlus 
    Envirovent Energisava
    and many more...

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    Service Price based on Location/Property Size/Bedrooms


Central Extract Service



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  • Full comprehensive service, clean and sanitisation of your home MEV extract system
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  • We are experienced with all makes and models;
    Vent Axia Multivent/Sentinel Kinetic Multivent
    Greenwood Centair CMEV4/HT and CMF
    Nuaire MEVDC
    Titon CMEQ Plus
    Envirovent Spider
    Zehnder CMEV
    and many more...
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    Service price based on location/property type


Positive Input Service



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  • Full comprehensive service, clean and sanitisiation of your positive input ventilation system including filter change*
  • We are experienced with all makes and models including;

    Nuaire Drimaster/Flatmaster
    Vent Axia Pozidry/PureAir Home
    Envirovent AtMOST
  • Call on 033 0233 4180 to book or ask questions
    Prices vary based on location and property type

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Choose you MVHR Filter based on your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Basic Barrier™
Your essential grade MVHR Filter
Filters out;
Coarse and visible large particles of dust, sand, hair, insects and other organic particles

Dust Destroyer™
Bye bye dust mite
Filters out;
Coarse and smaller particles of dust, house dust mites, organic particles sand, and insects

The Summer Sneezer™
Summer Sneezing be gone.
Filters out;
Smoke, dust, dirt and pollen. Coarser, finer dust and bigger organic like pet dander.

The Propper Stopper™
The ultimate filter option
Filters out;
Very fine dust, combustion particles, bacteria, viruses and smaller spores
(DUCT FILTER BOX alternative option)

3 Common Signs your Home Ventilation may need a service

It's noisy'

Your unit moves ALOT of air and as dust and debris builds up inside it is harder to do it's job!
(it might also be another issue with a motor or PCB - but we can help with this too)


'not clearing the air'

If the steam isn't clearing quickly when you've had a shower, you will be at greater risk of condensation and mould over time. This may be due to the system being clogged or or issues with the ducting/motor/sensors.


'It feels stuffy'

A family of 4 can create 24 pints of moisture a day from cooking, hanging clothes to dry and breathing!  If it feels 'stuffy' there could be a blockage in the system or issues with the motors/PCB

What's wrong with my unit?

We've developed a simple diagnosis tool to help

If your system is noisy, it's not clearing the air, lights are flashing or you have condensation issues use our diagnosis tool to help try and pinpoint what the problem might be - answer some simple questions, give us your details and we'll be in touch.

If you need to speak to us - call on 033 0223 4180

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