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We Recommend A Deep Duct Clean Every 5 Years

Deep Duct Cleaning

We offer a full, comprehensive deep clean for ducting for ventilation systems in homes and buildings.

Our deep cleaning options are available for systems such as MVHR, where ducting is recommended to be cleaned every 5 years to help ensure good indoor air quality and continued effective performance of the system.  Just like the unit and filters, a lot of air is passing through the ducting which can become clogged with dust, and debris.

We offer a range of duct deep cleaning processes based on duct type e.g. rigid or semi-rigid ducting.  All of our deep cleaning processes use high-grade, anti-bacterial santisation.

If you would like to discuss ducting deep cleaning in more detail, please call 033 0223 4180 or send us an enquiry.

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What does a duct clean include?

That Extra Step

You will receive our ventilation service as well as chemical fogging to clean the internal ducting system.

We use a mechanical brush to clean the opening of the the ducts (this method is only used for flex/semi-rigid duct).

Ventilation servicing

What are the benefits of duct cleaning?

Say Goodbye To Bacteria

Ventilation servicing is key to having a system that runs efficiently.

A deep duct clean ensures all bacteria and excess moisture is removed from your system (your air travels through these ducts to your rooms).

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How much does a deep duct clean cost?

Bespoke To You

Our pricing ranges between £450 to £650, this is dependent on the system you have, your ducting, your location, and more.

All quotes are personalised and bespoke to you, get in touch with our team to find out more.

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How often should I have it done?

Once Every 5 Years

We recommend a deep duct clean once every 5 years.

It is a good way to ensure the system is as free from bacteria as possible and will help prolong the life of your ventilation system, alongside regular annual unit servicing.

More About MVHR

What are the benefits of MVHR?

A Clean System Means Clean Air

Regular annual servicing is important for any ventilation system, it helps keep the system running efficiently and protects the system against failures and more costly issues.

Deep Duct Cleaning is a great addition (we recommend 1 every 5 years) as this part of the system is often forgotten about, but the duct where all air is transported before it reaches our habitable rooms. 

Having the ducting deep cleaned professionally also protects against exposure to harmful air pollution, bacteria, duct, and excess moisture which will benefit everyone, especially those living with a respiratory condition such as asthma or allergies.