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MVHR Heat Recovery Ventilation Servicing & Maintenance

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MVHR Heat Recovery Servicing

A MVHR Heat Recovery service is crucial to you indoor air quality and to protect the unit - you'll be amazed at how clogged the system gets with dust, debris and grease - and not just on the filters!

We offer a range of MVHR Heat Recovery Service options for all makes and models. When we visit, we'll also spend time explaining exatly what your system does and how to control it for optimum performance and comfort.

We provide ventilation servicing and maintenance works in London, Home Counties, South Coast and Midlands.

What is MVHR and how does it work?

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Heat Recovery Ventilation Service

Full comprehensive service for all makes and models



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What's included?

•  Clean and sanitise unit and motors
•  Remove, clean & sanitise heat exchanger
•  New supply and extract filters* 
•  Sanitise in room air valves/duct connections

•  Balance/Recommission system airflow rates
•  Full Service report with recommendations
•  *Basic Barrier filter included  
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Filter Upgrades
Choose based on your Indoor Air Quality Needs;
Summer Sneezer, Dust Destroyer, or Proper Stopper 
(extra charges will apply for filter upgrade) Prices based on location/property type/bedrooms.

Group Discounts
We do offer group discounts for a minimum of 4 units. If you and your neighbours need a ventilation service, why not call our service team on 0330 223 4180 to discuss discounts.

Ventilation System Deep Duct Clean

Full comprehensive service for all makes and models and ducting deep clean



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What's included?

Ventilation Unit Service
•    Clean/sanitise inside unit & motors*
•    Remove, clean/sanitise heat exchanger*
•    Supply & fit supply/extract air filters (Basic Barrier Grade)
•    Sanitise all in room air valves & duct connections
•    Test/Recommission airflow rates
•    Full Service Report including recommendations
*if internal components are accessible

Ducting Deep Clean – Rigid Ducting Systems
Deep cleaning mechanical fogging provides sanitisation and anti-bacterial clean of the ducting, killing 99.99% of bacteria in the ductwork

Ducting Deep Clean – Semi-Rigid Ducting Systems
Deep cleaning mechanical cleaning brush system around and mechanical fogging to provide sanitisation and anti-bacterial clean of the ducting, killing 99.99% of the bacteria in the ductwork.

•  Full deep clean scope provided with a quotation
•  Determine which type of ducting system you have via photos, video call, or engineer visit
•  System Service and Ducting Deep Clean quoted per individual property

How much does it cost to run?

Say hello to savings!

MVHR ventilation systems cost between £30-£40 per year to run. Through heat recovery efficiency they also save up to £300 per year on energy bills..

'Summer Bypass' automatically comes on during warmer months to help keep your home cool and comfortable.

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How do I maintain my MVHR system?

Maintenance is key

Annual servicing is recommended for all MVHR systems, this process helps maintain the health and efficiency of your unit.

Without proper maintenance, you will be at risk of unit breakdown and in-efficient ventilation which can result in issues like damp and mould, as well as a poor indoor air quality.

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My system isn't working properly

Diagnose, review, solve...

Use our diagnosis tool to help figure out what's happening inside your unit.

•  Motor bearing noise (or any unusual, loud, whirring noise)
•  Motor or PCB error or failure
•  Blocked condensate
•  Lack of airflow
•  Blocked termination grille

Faulty Unit Advice

When do I need to change my filters?

Dirty filters = Dirty Air

We recommend changing your filters every 6 months to maintain healthy air.

MVHR filters* protect your unit and your home against pollution, excess moisture, dust, allergens, and more. Changing your filters regularly pro-longs the life of your unit. Our sister company *The Air Shop sells all major brands of MVHR filters.

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Are there others in your building or apartment block that might be interested in a ventilation system service? We offer block booking discounts starting at 10% (minimum of 4)

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Is your unit Noisy or Not Clearing the Air? Use our quick diagnosis tool to understand more about what might be wrong with your ventilation system

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MVHR Filters

Use code 'HRVFIL10' for 10% off

MVHR Filters help protect the motors from clogging and your indoor air quality!  Change your filters at least every 6 months to maintain a healthy unit and living environment. 

The Air Shop is part of the HRV Group - find the brand of your unit and click below:

Zehnder MVHR Filters
Vent Axia MVHR Filters 
Nuaire MVHR Filters
Greenwood MVHR Filters 
Envirovent MVHR Filters
Ubbink MVHR Filters 
Mitsubishi MVHR Filters 
Vectaire MVHR Filters
Vortice MVHR Filters
Titon MVHR Filters
Flakt MVHR Filters
Airflow MVHR Filters
Heatrae/Sadia MVHR Filters

Shop MVHR Filters

Choose you MVHR Filter based on your Indoor Air Quality Needs

Basic Barrier™
Your essential grade MVHR Filter
Filters out;
Coarse and visible large particles of dust, sand, hair, insects and other organic particles

Dust Destroyer™
Bye bye dust mite
Filters out;
Coarse and smaller particles of dust, house dust mites, organic particles sand, and insects

The Summer Sneezer™
Summer Sneezing be gone.
Filters out;
Smoke, dust, dirt and pollen. Coarser, finer dust and bigger organic like pet dander.

The Propper Stopper™
The ultimate filter option
Filters out;
Very fine dust, combustion particles, bacteria, viruses and smaller spores
(DUCT FILTER BOX alternative option)

What's wrong with my unit?

We've developed a simple diagnosis tool to help

If your system is noisy, it's not clearing the air, lights are flashing or you have condensation issues use our diagnosis tool to help try and pinpoint what the problem might be - answer some simple questions, give us your details and we'll be in touch.

If you need to speak to us - call on 033 0223 4180

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What's happening inside your ventilation system?

Your Ventilation System (MVHR/MEV/PIV) is moving alot of air 24 hours a day, 365 days per year (don't worry it has low energy motors and only costs you only £25.00 per year to run) and even though you can't see air, it is quickly clogged with dust, debris, grease and other airborne particles!

The key areas which need attention are;

  • Motor - overtime these can actually seize up from grease!
  • Heat Exchanger - this is where the magic happens and heat recovered and re-used and therefore needs to be free from clogging
  • Air Valves (in room) - we've seen dust being blown back into the room - I think you'll agree, this isn't ideal.
  • Ducting - drawing air in from outside brings in dust and particles and this can make it's way inside your property
  • Filters  - they protect the motor and your indoor air quality but can't do much when they are caked in muck


MVHR Servicing