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MEV - Central Extract Ventilation

Remove moisture and reduces humidity

MEV Central Extract ventilation works to remove moisture, stale air and humidity from the 'wet rooms' including your bathrooms, kitchen, and utility spaces. The unit is centrally located in a cupboard or loft space and then ducted to each room - you will simply see an air valve in the ceiling.

MEV systems run quietly and continuously in the background at a trickle rate and then boost when high levels of moisture need to be removed eg. showering

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What are the benefits of MEV systems?

Bye Bye Moisture

•  Eliminates damp, mould, and condensation from forming inside the home
•  Helps remove odours
•  Extracts from multiple rooms with low running noise
•  Ultra energy efficient with low running costs
•  Improves indoor air quality

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What are the maintenance requirements?

Annual servicing

  • Annual servicing is recommended for MEV units as the unit can become clogged with dust, moisture, and pollution as it continuously extracts air.
  • Servicing ensures the MEV runs efficiently  and protects the key parts such as motors.

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What are the running costs?

Ultra low running costs

  • MEV units use ultra low energy motors to run and provide ventilation to the home
  • With a MEV system you are keeping your home free from moisture and high humidity levels costing as little £20 for the entire year

Have MEV Questions?

What are the most common issues?

No extraction from your unit?

  • Without correct maintenance, MEV unit motors and valves can clog, affective performance
  • As a mechanical system, overtime motor bearings will wear and will need replacing
  • Use our diagnosis tool to understand what might be going on

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When was your ventilation system last serviced?

Has it been over a year...?

If the answer is yes, it's time for a service! MEV ventilation systems should be serviced annually to ensure there is no excessive build-up of dust, moisture, grease, and more.

Once build-up starts inside the unit, it will impact the performance and ventilation efficiency putting you at risk of damp, mould, and condensation.

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