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Why Is Ventilation So Important?

Do you really know what's in your air?

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality

Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality are inextricabally linked. The move air your extract and replace with new, the better the indoor air quality will be. Fact.

We spend 90% of our time INDOORS
We are now working from home more than ever
Pollutants inside our home come from wood burners, air freshners, candles, cleaning products, carpets and outdoor air (to name a few)

These pollutants irritate ezcema and hayfever and impact other allergies and respiratory conditions.

  • Dilute the Air
  • Filter the Air
  • Purify the Air

Lets get ventilation working effectively!

Indoor can be to 50x more polluted that outdoor

Up to 900 pollutants can be found inside your home at one time!
From cleaning products, furniture and man made furnishings, pollutants incude VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds), smoke, pollen, dust and particulate matter (PM2.5, PM10) and all of these pollutants need to be managed OUT OF YOUR HOME via a ventilation system!

We breathe 10,000 litres of air every day

This is a lot of air!
We can't see it, but it's crucial to our well-being, health and comfort inside our homes. 
The effectiness of ventilation inside your home will impact your indoor air quality, especially if you have had measures to improve energy efficiency e.g. wall/loft insulation, double glazing (if you insualte you must ventilate)

How much moisture do we create?

24 pints! (yep we did say 24)
A family of 4 can create this much moisture from cooking, showering, hanging clothes to dry and breathing!  This can cause high humidity a 'stuffy feeling' and lead to condensation and mould over time.  Effective ventilation is needed to remove this moisture and maintain a good level of indoor air quality.

This is what outdoor air LOOKS like

We can talk about air and can see smog, but most of the pollutants and particulate matters are naked to the human eye.

This is a filter from a MVHR Heat Recovery system installed in London that has had air coming in from outside for 6 months (yes just 6 months)

We think the picture says it all.

If you've got a heat recovery ventilation system, check out our range of filters based on your Indoor Air Quality needs.

More about MVHR Filters

Air In-Pollution Out

Do you live in a polluted area?  Are you concerned about how your outdoor air is impacting your indoor air? Do you want to improve your indoor air quality?

Opening windows and doors and supply air from ventilation systems is outdoor air.  Depending on wher you live, this be bringing additional pollutants into your home which can cause allergies or have health impacts.

We offer a number of options to help reduce the impact of pollutants inside you home;

  • Upgrade MVHR Unit filter options
  • Add additional filter option within system
  • Install new anti-pollution ventilation products 
  • Consider additional units for different rooms 

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