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From 1 to 100 to 1000 homes, we’ll look after your ventilation systems and keep homes fresh and comfortable for occupants all year round.

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Why is ventilation
important in Homes?

Modern homes are designed to keep the heat in, but the building and the people inside them need to breathe. Today, ventilation plays a crucial role in the indoor environment and the wants and needs of BTR residents around health, costs and comfort.

Bill Savings!

Whether savings for the resident, or savings for you where bills are included, the ventilation system is helping keep things efficient!

A MVHR system already saves £300.00 per year on heating bills as it recovers and reuses heat that would have been lost.

Reduce summer overheating

Hot and humid summers in modern homes can contribute to overheating in warmer months.

A homes ventilation system helps ensure good air movement and the removal of stale, humid air from the home.

Urban air, pet dander & dust

Air entering the home from outside can be full of polluting particles that need to be filtered out. The same goes for those created inside – are pets allowed in your development?

A ventilation system is responsible for improving indoor air quality throughout the year.

Mould and Condensation

24 pint of moisture are created everyday by a family of 4 from cooking, hanging clothes to dry, showering, breathing and more.

An effective ventilation system is responsible for the removal of moisture that can cause issues with condensation and mould overtime.

Why should you maintain ventilation systems in your homes?

Protect your investment image

Protect your investment

Lengthen the life of your ventilation system and protect your building fabric from the impacts of poor air movement and ventilation.

Protect your tenants image

Protect your tenants

Air quality is a consideration when it comes to location and homes. Keep systems working effectively for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment all year round.

Protect your reputation image

Protect your reputation

Don’t let air quality, overheating or issues with condensation be a problem for existing or future occupants – talk up the benefits of the indoor air quality system in your homes.

What is happening inside a ventilation system?

What is happening inside a ventilation system?

This is what air quality looks like!

A ventilation system is moving air 24/7 and even though you can’t see it, dust, debris and grease clogs motors, filters and inside the unit and in air valves and the ducting!

Overtime, this can impact performance and increase noise.

It is recommended that annual servicing and 6 monthly filter changes are planned for MVHR Heat Recovery Systems.

We are specialists in
residential ventilation

We’ve designed, installed and maintained over 18,000 systems to date, and we offer a range of fully inclusive services to proactively help look after systems year after year.

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You’ll always benefit from the most cost effective solutions that meet your needs as we work with all of the market leading manufacturers

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You’ll always have an experienced engineer on your site who’s worked with your system type, make and model

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You’ll always benefit from our high quality, ‘root cause fix’ approach to servicing and maintaining systems

Let us take care of the
air in your homes.

Our PPM contracts and servicing programmes are designed to support the needs of your homes and occupants and budgets and can be tailored to suit a programme from 1 to 10 years.

Who do we work with?

We are working with many clients to provide planned and reactive services for ventilation systems installed in homes including up to 5-year annual servicing programmes, filter changes, replacement parts, warranty works.

As a ventilation specialist we can guarantee we’ll always find the route cause – we’re used to error codes, replacing parts, rebalancing airflows, ducting camera investigations and everything in between.

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You call. We’ll help.

We know that professional management and efficient home maintenance is important to you and your occupants.

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Service Team

You’ll have a direct contact with one of our experienced service team who will know your systems and sites

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We’ll respond to faults or reported issues within 24 hours to you and the resident

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We’ll know your assets inside out, stock some key parts and get to site quickly and efficiently to sort the problems.

Extras Included


We want to talk up the benefits of ventilation and help people understand more about how the systems works in their homes. We’ll dual brand bespoke homeowner guides that makes everything simple!

Commercial HVAC

We’ll offer you preferential rates on servicing for your offices and any other commercial properties you manage.

What types of ventilation systems are installed in homes?



Heat Recovery

Whole house ventilation system extracting stale air and supplying fresh filtered air to the home, re using and recovering heat and saving from £300 per year on heating bills.

More about MVHR



Central Extract

Whole house extract ventilation system continuously extracting stale air and moisture from wet rooms within the property.

More about MEV

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I would highly recommend. The engineer, Harry, in particular did a stellar job - friendly, professional, efficient and clean, thank you very much!


The engineer gave an excellent service and even went above and beyond sorting out other issues we had when he didn’t have to. We’re extremely pleased,and will definitely be booking our annual service with HRV moving forward.

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