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Choose your MVHR filter based on your air quality and breathing needs

No more technical jargon. We're telling you what filter options there are based on the job they do.
  • Filter out the partciles in the air that cause you and your family irritations, allergies and discomfort
  • Protect the unit and motors from the particles in the air that it is moving in and out of your property

Check out the filters below that we've taken from recent services - this is what air quality really looks like!

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The Basic Barrier

These provide basic filtration against larger coarser particles keeping your indoor air quality fresh.

It's the perfect all-rounder for non-specific air quality needs.

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The Dust Destroyer

Thousands and thousands of dust mites are living in your home! Destroy them with this filter! 

They remove finer particles in the air including dust, dust mites, pet dander and more for a fresher air quality.

Buy MVHR Filters from our sister company, The Air Shop.

Shop The Dust Destroyer

The Summer Sneezer

Pollen and allergies find themselves in our homes, particularly during summer.

Blast these particles with The Summer Sneezer, the highest grade available for most MVHR units.

Buy MVHR Filters from our sister company, The Air Shop.

Shop The Summer Sneezer

The Proper Stopper

The maximum strength... Blast the finest of particles with this filter (available for selected units).

Dust, pollen, and even particles as small as pollution and odour will be removed from your home.

Buy MVHR Filters from our sister company, The Air Shop.

Shop The Proper Stopper

Why Do I Need To Change My Filters?

This is what air really looks like...

These filters were changed during an annual MVHR service, these filters were completely black from dirt, dust, moisture, grease, and more!

Your filters stop all of this from ending up in the air inside your home, but to maintain a healthy and comfortable air your filters need to be clean.

Indoor Air Quality Products for your home

HRV in partnership with The Air Shop!

Our sister company specialises in all things ventilation, and sells all major brands of ventilation brands including MVHR Heat Recovery units, MVHR filters, MEV units, and more.

They also offer MVHR design services, if you are looking at adding MVHR ventilation into your home, they can ensure your system meets airflow rates, building regulations, and more.

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Shop Zehnder MVHR Filters
Shop MVHR Filters for the Zehnder Comfoair Q and Comfoair ventilation unit range.

Shop Vent Axia MVHR Filters
Shop the Vent Axia Sentilnet Kinetic MVHR Range including the Vent Axia BH, FH and others.

Shop Nuaire MVHR Filters
Shop the Nuaire MVHR filter range including the MRXBOX range.

Shop Envirovent MVHR Filters
Shop the Envirovent MVHR gilter range including the EnergiSava range.

Shop Greenwood MVHR Filters
Shop the Greenwood MVHR filter range including the HRV1 and Comfoair range.

Shop Titon MVHR Filters
Shop Titon MVHR unit filters for the HRV Q Plus range.

Shop Mitsubishi MVHR Filters
Shop Mitsubishi Lossnay MVHR filters, including carbon filters (NOx filters).

Shop Ubbink MVHR Filters
Shop the Ubbink MVHR filter range including the Ubiflux Vigor line.

Shop Vortice MVHR Filters
Shop Vortice MVHR filters, including the HR200 and HR200 filters.

Shop Flakt MVHR Filters
Shop Flakt MVHR filters including EIS 163, EIS 95, and EIS230 filters.

Shop Vectaire MVHR Filters
Shop Vectaire MVHR filters for the EVO , Studio and WHHR ranges.

Shop Airflow MVHR Filters
Shop the Airflow MVHR filters for the Airflow DV72 unit

Shop Heatrae/Sadia MVHR Filters
Shop the Heatrae/Itho Advance replacement filter.

What's wrong with my unit?

We've developed a simple diagnosis tool to help

If your system is noisy, it's not clearing the air, lights are flashing or you have condensation issues use our diagnosis tool to help try and pinpoint what the problem might be - answer some simple questions, give us your details and we'll be in touch.

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