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Indoor Air Quality Products for your home

We're delighted to partner with The Air Shop who love Indoor Air Quality as much as we do.

The Air Shop offer a range of products including replacement MVHR Filters, ventilation systems, air purifiers, humidifiers and chemical free cleaners - all designed to keep you breathing better air inside your home. 

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SHOP MVHR Filter Replacements
All the brands and all the models stocked - suitable for Vent Axia, Nuaire, Greenwood, Titon, Envirovent & Zehnder. Free Delivery, Subscribe and Save.

Full range of MVHR Heat Recovery Units from market leading brands including Vent Axia, Greenwood and Zehnder. Competitive Prices. Free Delivery

Full range of MEV Extract units from market leading brands including Vent Axia, Greenwood and Titon. Competitive Prices. Free Delivery

SHOP Kitchen & Bathroom Fans
Range of low energy, quiet running options for your home with smart humidity sensing and timer controls. Discreet Designs. Free Delivery.

SHOP Passivhaus Certified MVHR
Accredited Heat Recovery Units with optional extras including pre-heaters, enthalpy and cooling options. Competitive Pricing. Delivery to UK

SHOP Home Air Purifiers
Relieve your allergies and improve indoor air quality - see the range of HEPA and Carbon filters for pollen, pollution and more

SHOP Home Humidifiers
Keep your homes humidity levels at a optimum - ideal for winter months and those suffering with asthma and allergies

SHOP IAQ-friendly Cleaners
Human Friendly, Allergy Friendly, Non Toxic Cleaning and Home Fragrance Products