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Ventilation Commissioning

Ventilation System Commissioninig

Need a system commissioned for Building Regulation compliance and sign off?  
We can help.

We are experienced in ventilation systems for residential dwellings and can provide a full commissioning for heat recovery systems and other ventiation methodologies including;

  • System 1: Single Point Fans - Bathroom/Kitchen
  • System 3: MEV and dMEV - Continuous Extract 
  • System 4: MVHR - Heat Recovery Ventilation

All of our engineers are BPEC or NICEIC certified to commision ventilation systems in accordance with Part F Building Regulations and Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide.  Full commissioning completed and certificate provided.  If the system can't be commissioned to the correct performance, we will provide our recommendations

We can offer ventilation commissioning for single units or for multiple plots.

If you would like to discuss a commissioning project, please call 033 0223 4180 or send us an enquiry.


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Building Regulations

Approved Document F and The Domestic Ventilation Compliance Guide set out the Building Regulations requirements for ventilation in new domestic dwellings including information on;

  • Ventilation Methodologies e.g. MVHR
  • Design Requirements
  • Installation Best Practise
  • Commissioning Process
  • Certification & Sign Off - documents located in within the compliance guide booklet

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Ventilation Servicing Plans

It is recommended that ventilation systems such as MVHR or MEV are serviced annually to lengthen their life and ensure optimal performance for good indoor air quality. Comprehensive servicing concentrates on the key areas of the system where dust, debris and grease collects such as motors, air valves and filters (MVHR).

We offer a range of ventilation servicing options;

  • MVHR Servicing 
  • MEV Servicing
  • PIV Servicing

Service Plans & Pricing