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Everything You need To Know About Your Ventilation System

MVHR - Heat Recovery Ventilation

MVHR stands for mechanical ventilation with heat recovery and is one of the most effective forms of ventilation for todays' modern home.  

Wth the average family of 4 creating up to 24 pints of moisture per day inside their home, and the increasing focus on insulating our homes to reduce carbon emissions, a mechanical ventilation system is crucial to a healthy and comfortable living space. 

A MVHR system extracts and supplies air to the home continuously, recovering and re-using heat that would have otherwise have been lost. It can help save £300.00 per year on heating bills and improve indoor air quality.

Download our simple MVHR Homeowner guide to find out more.

MVHR Homeowner Guide

MVHR - What do you need to know?

What are the benefits of MVHR?

A healthier home for you

  • Improved indoor air quality - elimiating condensation and mould and providing fresh filtered air
  • Removes stale air to keep the home fresh and comfortable all year round
  • Reduction in heating bills (up to £300 pa) thanks to heat recovery technology

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How do I maintain a MVHR?

Annual servicing

  • Annual servicing is recommended for the MVHR system 
  • Dust, debris and grease collects on and around key components as it moves air and does its job 24/7 - it is important to keep the system clean for effective performance and to lenghten the life of key parts

Service Information

When do I replace the filters?

Every 6 months 

  • Filters protect the motors from dust and debris and your indoor air quality from air coming in from outside
  • Choose your MVHR filter based on your indoor air quality needs - Dust Destroyer, Summer Sneezer and more...
  • Use HRVFIL10 for 10% off MVHR Filters at The Air Shop (our sister brand)

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How much does MVHR cost to run?

Let's help work it out

  • MVHR units use ultra efficient motors
  • A MVHR systems runs 24 hours per day between a very low trickle rate and boosting as and when required 
  • For the entire year, a MVHR system will cost between £35-45 to run - less than 10p per day!

MVHR Guide

MVHR Unit Service

You can save £20.00 when you book and pay online

We are specialists in MVHR Servicing for all makes and models including Vent Axia, Greenwood, Zehnder, Nuaire, Vectaire and more. 

Use our online quotation tool to find out more about what is included and pricing.
If you have a group, you can also benefit from further savings too. 

MVHR Ventilation service includes:

•  Clean and sanitise unit and motors
•  Remove, clean & sanitise heat exchanger
•  New supply and extract filters* 
•  Sanitise air valves/duct connections

•  Test/balance extract/supply airflow rates
•  Service report with recommendations
•  *Basic Barrier filter included 

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What's wrong with my MVHR system?

My unit and ducting is leaking


This could be an issue with the condensate connection or ducting that is not insulated.

Without insulation, warm air can condense as it passes through ducting in a cold space - causing leaking

My unit is leaking

There's an increase in noise

It could be the motor

Excessive noise could be an indicator that a motor bearing has worn and needs replacing.

The noise can be loud, whirring, or rattling and will get worse over time.

My unit is noisy

It's stuck on/won't boost

Maybe a Failed PCB?

The PCB (the brains of the unit) is driving the system to work and may have an issue which is not allowing the unit to function correctly.

The PCB can be replace on most units.

My unit is stuck is boost

It's not clearing any air

Something is blocked

Your unit can quickly become clogged up with grease, dust, and moisture if not properly maintained.

This could be valves, motors or even the external grille.  A service might be a good idea!

My unit needs servicing

Find Your MVHR Ventilation Product User Guide

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The entire Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic range including the Vent Axia BH, FH, Cookerhood and more.

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The Ubbink Ubixlus Vigor MVHR range with Passivhaus certified units.

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Find the Nuaire MRXBOX MVHR ventilation range, or the AB WM unit range.

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The Mitsubishi Lossnay MVHR ventilation range, with integrated NOx filtration.

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The Envirovent EnergiSava MVHR ventilation range.

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The Greenwood Comfoair MVHR ventilation range.

Other MVHR User Guide
Find more branded MVHR Product guides including Titon, Airflow, Flakt and Vectaire.

MVHR Filters

Use code 'HRVFIL10' for 10% off

MVHR Filters help protect the motors from clogging and your indoor air quality!  Change your filters at least every 6 months to maintain a healthy unit and living environment. 

The Air Shop is part of the HRV Group - find the brand of your unit and click below:

Zehnder MVHR Filters
Vent Axia MVHR Filters 
Nuaire MVHR Filters
Greenwood MVHR Filters 
Envirovent MVHR Filters
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Vortice MVHR Filters
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Airflow MVHR Filters
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Are you looking for MVHR ventilation?

Design and supply

Don't have MVHR ventilation, but looking into it?

Our sister company The Air Shop does design and supply projects for MVHR Heat Recovery ventilation systems. They have an expert team who will calculate all airflow rates, comply with building regulations, offer advice, and more. 

They can then supply all the parts for your project including the unit (choose from a range of brands), ducting, valves, accessories and more.

If you are just looking for mvhr ventilation parts, why not use their build a quote for your competitive, personalised price?

MVHR Design Services