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No more technical jargon.

Choose your MVHR filter based on your air quality needs and breathing needs rather than the technical specification of the filter material!
What is G3 or G4 anyhow? - We've made it easy for your to understand and make the right choice when it comes to your MVHR Heat Recovery filters. We've done this because we know how confusing it all can be and we want you to have the right level of filtration for your needs - for your indoor air quality and for any specific allergies or concerns you might have.

We're talking abouut choosing a filter based on what it filters out and what indoor air quality requirements you and your family have:

  • Dust - large and finer grades
  • Pet Dander
  • Pollution concerns (outside air in polluted area)
  • PM2.5, PM10 - small particulate matters
  • Pollen
  • Smoke
  • NOx
  • VOC's

MVHR Filter grades:

Primary Protection - basic filtration for your and your unit
Anti-Allergy - all about destroying the dust
Pollen - summer sneezing be gone!
Complete Cover - highest level of filtration - ideal for polluted areas

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The Basic Barrier™

Your essential, entry level MVHR Heat Recovery filter to aid your indoor air quality and protect your unit and motors.
Included with our MVHR Services (blue tab for extract and supply)

Filters out:

Coarse and visible large particles of dust, sand, hair, insects and other organic particles

Technical Info:

ISO Coarse 55% (ISO 16890)
G3 Filtration (EN779 2012)

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The Dust Destroyer™

Improve filter density and coverage = less particles in your air.

If you are sensitive to house dust and the dust mite and allergies linked to these types of particles in your air, upgrade to this option. (blue tab for extract, green tab for supply)

Filters out:

Coarse and smaller particles of dust, house dust mites, organic particles sand, and insects

Technical Info:

ISO Coarse 60% (ISO 16890)
G4 Filtration (EN779 2012)

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The Summer Sneezer™

A higher grade filter for the common summer allergies

If summer has you blowing your noise and scratching your eyes and you are a confirmed hay fever sufferer or allergic to pet dander, upgrade your filter to this option. (blue tab for extract, yellow tab for supply)

Filters out:

Smoke, dust, dirt and pollen. Coarser and fine dust and bigger organic particles.

Technical Info:

ePM10 >50%
M5/G5 Filtration (EN779 2012)

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The Proper Stopper™

The highest grade of filtration for your MVHR Heat Recovery system.

Ideal for high pollution areas where traffic particulate is a concern and those who have high sensitivity to particles in the air and who are concerned with indoor air quality inside their home. (blue for extract, pink for supply air)

Complete cover filtration usually an 'add on' filter option to be installed within the ducting network

Filters out:

Very fine dust, combustion particles, bacteria, viruses and smaller spores.

Technical Info:

ISO ePM1 55% (ISO 16890)
Grade F7 Filtration (EN779 2012)

MVHR Servicing

MVHR Filters

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MVHR Filters help protect the motors from clogging and your indoor air quality!  Change your filters at least every 6 months to maintain a healthy unit and living environment. 

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