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Ventilation System Design, Install & Commission

Let Us Design Your Ventilation System

We are specialists in everything ventilation and have a experienced team of installers who can provide solutions for your home or building;
  • New Build/New Install
  • Replacement Systems
  • Building Regulations Advice
  • Technical Assistance and Support

Did you know?
A family of 4 creates as many as 24 pints of moisture PER DAY from cooking,showering, hanging clothes to dry, boiling the kettle and breathing!  Inside the home there many additional pollutants such as dust, pollen, smoke and particualte matter to deal with - ventilation is crucial!

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Why work with us?

Specialist knowledge

We love air and good indoor air quality and there isn't much we don't know about ventilation.
We can design, install and commission ventilation systems for new homes to meet Building Regulation requirements or solve any specific issues such as condensation, mould, overheating, noise and air quality.


Unbiased advice

We're an independent specalist in ventilation and the indoor environment - we understand how to solve issues and have access to a wide range of brands and solutions to meet your needs - we'll offer cost effective options and can even design bespoke options where required to meet the needs of your building type.



We are known for the level of quality and attention to detail we put into our work - we are always focusing on delivering guaranteed installed performance.  All of our techanical team and installers have extensive experience in a wide range of systems, brands, makes and models - fortunately, our customers have great things to say about us too - check out some of our reviews.

New System Install

If you're looking to install a ventilation system in a new home, or extension, we'll make sure you're Building Regulation compliant as well as meet your home or building needs.

We are experienced in installation ventilation systems in homes and can offer a range of product options including;

  • Heat Recovery Ventilation (MVHR)
  • Central Extract Ventilation (MEV)
  • Positive Input Ventilation (PIV)
  • Low Energy Kitchen and Bathroom Fans

Alternatively, we can design a bespoke integrated systems - if you are looking for air conditioning and cooling options we can also design these in too.


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Case Study: New Build MVHR & Cooling

Client:       Private Individual
           Cuckoo Hill Road, London
MVHR and integrated cooling solutions with rigid ducting

Product:   Zehnder ComfoAir600 and ComfoCool 

Project Details
Client wanted an integrated ventilation and cooling solution for new build housing development to ensure a comfortable environment all year round.  A bespoke ducting design was required to work around the eaves as system was installed in loft, as well as consideration for easy access for ongoing maintenance and servicing.  Full design, supply, installation and commissioning required.

Upgrade or replace ventilation system

Like many other white goods in homes e.g.fridges, washing machines and boilers, your home ventilation system may well come to the end of its life and need replacing. 

We can offer replacements for bathroom and kitchen fans, central extract, heat recovery and positive pressure. If your current ventilation system isnt working as it should, or is in need or replacement, we can help provide support on the best solution for your home - some things you might want to consider are;

  • Improved efficiency and reduced noise
  • Smart controls including automatic humidity sensing
  • Increase airflow rates to improve comfort levels 
  • Higher grade filtration to reduce allergies and improve indoor air quality

If you'd like some advice or need a replcement sytem please call us on 033 0223 4180 or send an enquiry

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Case Study: Replacement MVHR Unit

Client:       Mr J Smith 
           London NW3  
Product:   Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic (swap)
HRV:          Installation, Commissioning & 3 Year Service Plan

Project Details
MVHR Unit was installed 10+ years ago and was in need of replacing.  Project was a simple swap over (like for like) of the unit, connect and clients requirements.  All air valves cleaned and sanitised and MVHR Filters upgraded to Anti-Allergy due to family member suffering with allergies. Client also signed up to 3 year service plan to ensure continued performance and protection against condensation and mould.