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Damp, Mould and Condensation...

It can cause serious damage to our healthy & home!

Condensation and mould issues you need to fix?

Let's get to the root cause. We are experienced in improving air movement in homes and helping eliminate issues with mould and condensation caused by poor and ineffective ventilation.

We'll work through a simple process;

  • Discuss the issues you are experieincing 
  • Survey your home* and inspect any current ventilation system
  • Provide recommendations and quotation
  • Supply and fit solutions
  • Undertake a post install review with you

We are 100% sure you will be satisifed with our services and solutions - get ready to say goodbye to condensation!

Find out more about our approach to fixing condensation issues in homes - call us on 033 0223 4180 or send enquiry with your details

*Survey is chargeable. If works are instructed, 50% of survey price will be deducted from final costs.

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The familiar cycle of moud and condensation

We're not about sticking plasters over problems.
Lets get to the root cause.


You've got mould


You clean it


It's all gone


But then it comes back again

'Just open the window'

Honestly. It's not enough to cure condensation.

If you are experiencing condensation and mould issues opening a window will of course provide what is termed as 'rapid ventilation' at the place of the moisture generation, however this isnt a realistic strategy throughout the year due to security issues and external temperatures and is not controlled or controllable for the end user.

Common issues;

  • If you have an existing fan or ventilation system, it might not be doing the job it's supposed to and we can test the airflow and look at the overall installation - this is common!  Just because it's making a noise doesn't mean it's doing anything!
  • If you don't have ventilation, you probably need some and especially if you've recently improved insulation to help reduce heating bills
  • It could be something else, or an addition to ventilatio issues -  poor heating or even a leak

I need help with condensation

Why is ventilation so important inside a home?

Insulation levels have increased

If you insulate you MUST ventilate!
In the 80's and 90's we saw the invasion of double glazing and since then then drive on energy effciency has continued.  We are about reducing carbon emissions and savings money our our heating bills thanks to endless access to loft and cavity wall insulation - BUT this seals up the home which needs to breathe and can cause issues with mould and condensation

There is more moisture then EVER!

A family of creates as many as 24 pints of moisture everyday from cooking, ,showering, hanging clothes to dry, boiling the kettle and breating!  Excessive moisture inside a property is one of the root causes of condensation in properties.  If you have a fan and you are still experiencing issues, it may well be because it's making a noise but doing the job it's supposed to!


Indoor Air Quality is on the agenda

Condensation impacts comfort levels and indoor air quality.  We are more aware than ever about air quality.  You dont want to keep opening the window and letting the pollution in!  Voc's, dust, pollen, pet dander and many other airborne partciles are also in the air inside your home contributing to poor indoor air quality - all of which need effective extraction!

What solutions do we typically use?

Positive Pressure Ventilation

Positive Input Ventilation is a common ventilation system used to eradicate mould and condensation issues in homes associated with poor ventilation and airflow/air movement.

The system is installed in the loft space (house) or on the wall (apartment - ducted to outside) and pushes air into the property which positively pressurises the dwelling, forcing mosture and stale air out through natural paths found in the facade of the building.  Ideally located in a loft space and diffuser in landing area in houses. Optional heaters and high grade filters available

Continuous Extract Ventilation

Continuous extract ventilation provides consistent air movement within the property, helping extract stale, moisture ladden air and replacing with new.

Continuous extract can be centrally located in a loft space or cupboard and ducted to wet rooms or via single point, low energy, quiet running fans which can be installed in the walls or ceilings of bathrooms and kitchen.  It is very common that extract fans are already in place, but are not extracting at the levels required - we will ensure the installed fans are extracting effectively which may also require some ducting and grill replacement work.

Condensation Case Study

Garden Court consists 26 x 1 bedroom flats and is a redevelopment of an old nursing home site.

We were called to investigate long term issues with mold in bathrooms, condensation and damp in 4 of the properties.

The primary objective was to ascertain why the issues were occurring and provide a long-term proactive solution to eradicate the problems once and for all – especially mold in the bathroom (as you can see from these pictures.)

We solved the mould and condensation issues in 8 days.   The root cause was no or very poor ventilation.

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