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Garden Court Case Study

We solved mould and condensation in 8 days.

Garden Court consists 26 x 1 bedroom flats and is a redevelopment of an old nursing home site.
We were called to investigate long term issues with mould and condensation in 4 of the propeties.

The primary objective was to ascertain why the issues were occuring and provide a long term proactive solution to eradicate the problems for good.

Condensation and mould is inextricabally linked to ineffective ventilation, however it is not always the only issue that needs to be dealt with - and it's certainly not just about sticking a plaster over it.

We have worked with many customers who are experiencing condensation issues and we must consider all factors;

  • Ventilation and air movement
  • Lack of heating
  • Water leaks
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Home Survey - What did we find?

We surveyed 4 apartments in the block at Garden Court (Flat 2, 11, 12 and 15), all of which were suffering with mould and condensation in the bathroom and around the property.

We tested the current ventilation systems to understand the current airflow rates inside the properties.  Sometimes fan sound like they are working, but they are not acieving the required extraction rates.  Long term ineffective ventilation leads to moisture build up and issues such as condensation and mould in bathrooms and other areas inside the property.

We tested the extractor fans in accordance with the current Building Regulation commissioning process/test:

Flat 11
Airflow required (Building Regulations): 15l/s
Surveyed Airflow Rate: 0l/s

Airflow required (Building Regulations): 60l/s
Surveyed Airflow Rate: 3.7l/s

Flat 14
Airflow required (Building Regulations): 15l/s
Surveyed Airflow Rate: 2.2l/s

Airflow require (Building Regulations): 60l/s
Surveyed Airflow Rate: 2.1l/s

Our Solution

It was about getting the air moving around the property and achieving a good level of ventilation extraction to fix the condensation and mould issues.

We applied the same solution to all 4 apartments due to the similar long term issues with condensation on windows and mould in bathrooms and ineffective ventilation that was currently in place.  We wanted to utilise the current installation routes to provide a cost-effective solution that did not require any additional penetrations to the external facade of the building.

  • Designed and calculated a continuous extract ventilation strategy

  • Supply and installed a central extract system with rigid ducting for good pressure handling (required for long duct runs) and air valves were located in bathrooms and kitchens

  • Set up automatic boost controls - via light switch in bathroom and humidity sensing in the kitchen

  • Commisioned all system and balanced airflow rates in accordance with designs

Continuous ventilation is the most cost effective solution for homes suffering with mould in bathrooms and condensation and windows.

Offering as much as 4 times more ventilation and air movement that traditional intermittent extract fans, it clears the air quickly of moisture and pollutants that can impact air quality and comfort.  With low energy motors, these systems don't cost the earth to run either - as little £15.00 for the entire year!!

If you need help with issues similar to these, please get in touch. 
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