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Save Money With Our Service Plans

Choose from a 1, 2 or 3 year service plan and save up to 16%!

HRV Service Plans

Keep your ventilation system working effectively for you and your home year after year.

1, 2 and 3 year plans with annual savings with free filters included (MVHR). The easiest way to maintain your ventilation system whilst spreading the cost.

    HRV Ventilation Service Plan

    Having Fresh Air Has Never Been Easier!

    Servicing your MVHR/MEV Ventilation unit helps keep your home and your air healthy, and a service plan is the easiest way to maintain the performance of your unit. A service plan has many benefits including;

    • Savings on our standard online servicing and filter costs (MVHR)
    • Fixed Prices for the term of your service plan
    • Longer Lifespan with regular checks that keep your system healthier for longer
    • Peace of Mind you’ll get a consistent level of service from expert engineers
    • Filters included & sent at 6 month intervals to maintain performance (MVHR)
    • Prioritised Call Outs if your system has a fault or is not working correctly*

    *Charges will apply

    Service Plan Benefits


    Regular servicing helps lengthen the life of the unit


    Spread the cost & save on online prices


    Consistent, expert advice from ventilation specialists


    Filters included for the duration of your service plan (MVHR)

    How Much Can I Save?

    A Lot! Up To £52.64 Per Year!

    The aim of our service plans is to keep your unit, your home, and your indoor air quality healthy for less. You can save anywhere between 10%-16% depending on what plan you sign up for.

    All pricing is 100% bespoke to you, so you know you're getting maximum savings, spreading the cost means when your MVHR service is due, or it's time for your 6 month filter replacement, there are no surprise costs*.

    *Payments are fixed for the term of your plan & there are no hidden fees.

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    Why Do I Need To Service My MVHR Unit?

    Healthy Unit, Healthy Air!

    Servicing your unit annually is the best way to keep your unit running at optimal efficiency for the best air quality. Maintaining your units results in;

    • Removal of grease and other build-up in your unit 
    • New filters to help keep the air quality in your home fresh & healthy
    • Pro-long the life of our unit
    • Identify faults and issues early on
    • Clean and sanitised unit, motors and duct

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