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PIV Positive Input Ventilation Service

We offer a comprehensive PIV Positive Input Ventilation servicing - we are not vague about what we do!  Our aim is to help ensure you have good indoor air quality all year round and that your ventilation system is in tip top shape!

We are experienced with all brands, makes and models and we've got a quick and simple process from enquiry through to one of our experienced technicians being in your home. When we visit your home, we'll also explain more about how your system works and how to control it for optimum performance.

We are experienced with all makes and models incuding servicing Nuaire Drimaster, Nuaire Flatmaster, Vent Axia Pozidry and many more.

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PIV Service Options

PIV Positive Input Service

Full comprehensive service for all makes and models



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What's included?

  • Clean and sanitise unit and motors
  • AIRATA™ plant-based, non toxic cleaner reduces pollutants introduced into the home during the service #allergyfriendly
  • Replace filters (where applicable)
  • Check controls/set up
  • Test and balance extract rates/airflow for optimum performance
  • Service report with reccommendations
  • Block/Neighbours discount available call to discuss
    +£20.00 for Congestion Zone Post Codes

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Is your unit Noisy or Not Clearing the Air? Use our quick diagnosis tool to understand more about what might be wrong with your ventilation system

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AIRATA™ Plant Based Power.

We're reducing unnecessary pollutants being introduced to your home when servicing your ventilation system by using plant-based, toxic free cleaners.

AIRATA products offer exceptional levels of cleaning and are brewed with essential oils which offer natural anti-bacterial properties - no synthetic fragrances here!
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Air in - Pollution Out

Upgrade Option for your home

Positive Input Ventilation offers a effective ventilation soltuion for homes and has helped elliminate issues with condesnation and mould for many years. 

Loft units for houses and wall mounted units for flats draws air into the property which is passed through filters and pushes the air into the property which postiviely pressurises the homes, ventilating each room and pushing moisture and pollutants out through the facade.

For homes the Nuaire Drimaster NOX is a powerful combination of Nuaire’s PIV whole-house ventilation technology

  • Includes High-grade carbon and ePM10 filters
  • Designed specifically to tackle pollution and NOX gas build-up
  • Can lower the levels of these harmful gasses in a property by up to 80%.

If you have an existing Nuaire Drimaster unit you can also choose to upgrade the filters on your existing unit.

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Sign up & Save - Pay Monthly

Care about your air and comfort and spread the cost of your annual ventilation system servicing to ensure good indoor air quality and keep condensation and mould away!

We've created a range of Annual Servicing plans for MVHR (Heat Recovery), MEV (Central Extract) and PIV (Positive Pressure) units offering beneftis including;

  • 1, 2 or 3 Year Options
  • Monthly Payment by Direct Debit
  • Fixed Prices for the term of the plan
  • Consistency of service level every year

Annual Service Plan T&C's

What's wrong with my unit?

We've developed a simple diagnosis tool to help

If your system is noisy, it's not clearing the air, lights are flashing or you have condensation issues use our diagnosis tool to help try and pinpoint what the problem might be - answer some simple questions, give us your details and we'll be in touch.

If you need to speak to us - call on 033 0223 4180

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