Annual servicing of heat recovery and mechanical ventilation systems is fundamental to long term performance and protection of the occupants and building itself.  We have been working with private landlords, social housing providers as well as individual homeowners to keep systems doing the job they are supposed to.  In a considerable number of projects, we also offer education  around ventilation, its’ purpose in the home, the consequences of ineffective ventilation and advise on how to control the system throughout the year.

Check out some of the servicing jobs (and state we find heat recovery filters in) below;

Ducane Housing Association

At Ducane we undertook a multi property servicing project in 31 new build apartments.  In each property we completed a 5 Point Protect Plan for each heat recovery system which included replacing filters, cleaning and sanitising the heat exchanger, the motors and the air valves and the re-commissioning the system to the correct airflow levels.

Whilst undertaking the job, we also worked in partnership with the housing association to develop a bespoke Homeowner Guide that would assist tenants with information about the heat recovery system, what it’s job was in the home, how to control it, and importantly how much it was costing them to run per annum.

We offer a range of HRV Protect service options for homeowners with heat recovery ventilation and central extract ventilation systems installed in their homes.

Annual servicing of a heat recovery system or any mechanical ventilation system is crucial to maintaining the correct levels of ventilation to the home and its’ occupants.  Clogged filters, motors, valves and even duct work increases resistance inside the system which can lead to reduced performance (as much as 18%!).  This can then result in poor indoor air quality, issues such as mould and condensation and increased noise as it works harder against the muck and dust built up inside.\

The 5 Point Protect Plan for heat recovery systems focuses on the key areas where dirt and debris builds up;

  • Extract and Supply Valves – located in each room
  • Extract and Supply Motors
  • Heat Recovery Exchanger
  • Supply and Extract Filters

Once the system is santisied and cleaned, we also re-balance and commission the airflow rates to ensure the system is performing correctly in the home.

Check out some of the images we have taken from services – we often find filters in this state – no air is passing through these at all!