Garden Court
We solved long term condensation, mould & damp issues in a matter of days.

Garden Court consists 26 x 1 bedroom flats and is a redevelopment of an old nursing home site.

We were called to investigate long term issues with mold in bathrooms, condensation and damp in 4 of the properties.
The primary objective was to ascertain why the issues were occurring and provide a long-term proactive solution to eradicate the problems once and for all – especially mold in the bathroom (see the pictures!)


What did we find?

Our Solution

It was all about getting air moving around the property and having effective extraction of moisture from the property.

We applied the same solution to all 4 apartments due to the similar long-term issues with condensation on windows and mold in bathrooms, and the current ineffective ventilation and air movement strategies inside the properties.  We wanted to utilise the current installation routes to provide a cost-effective solution that required no additional penetrations to the external facade of the building.

  • Designed and calculated a continuous extract ventilation strategy in accordance with Approved Document F: Means of ventilation
  • Supplied & installed Central Extract System with rigid ducting for good pressure handling (required for long duct runs) and air valves located in bathroom and kitchens
  • Set up automatic boost controls – light switch in the bathroom and automatic humidity sensing in the kitchen
  • Commissioned airflow performance in accordance with Building Regulation requirements (floor area/number of bedrooms)

Continuous ventilation is the most cost effective solution for homes suffering with mold in the bathroom and condensation on windows.
Offering as much as 4 times more ventilation that a traditional intermittent extractor fans, it clears the air quickly of moisture and pollutants that can impact the air quality in the homes as well.  With low energy motors inside the unit, the cost to run for the entire year is approx £15.00