Are you experiencing issues with condensation and mould in your properties or simply need some advice around ventilation in your properties?

A recent report by Rentokil Property Care estimated 5.8 million homes are suffering with issues such as condensation and mould.  These are costly problems as they affect the fabric of the building, as well as the health of tenants.

These types of issues are present in a high number of properties and are normally as a result of;

  • Poor and ineffective ventilation
  • Poor or ineffective heating
  • Lack of education and understanding around moisture, air movement and the need and benefits of ventilation

It’s amazing how many extractor fans are making a lot of noise and doing nothing to help remove moisture, reduce humidity and keep properties free from condensation.

Why work with HRV?

We are specialists.

We care about air  – simple. Ventilation systems and fans may require electrical wiring and the odd plumbing connection, but getting ventilation right in a property to deliver good indoor air quality and eliminate issues such as condensation and mould requires an understanding of different types of ventilation and air movement.  Our team has experience across the board – designing systems, installing, commissioning and ultimately dealing with issues.

We are independent.

Our work in large scale new build developments and maintaining existing homes has allowed us to gain experience and develop relationships with all of the market leading manufacturers of ventilation systems.  We have access to the widest range of solutions that offer energy efficient, silent running ventilation and offer unbiased advice when it comes to providing the right solution for the job.

We are committed to quality.

We can’t see air, but we well know the consequences of getting it wrong inside a property – whether a week, month or year,  incorrect product choice and poor installation will present issues to the homeowner and occupant.  We have a team of engineers who work to our HRV Best Practice which has been developed over years of experience of being onsite and dealing with issues.  No matter engineer is working on the job, this best practice is always used – guaranteeing you a high quality and effective end result.

ventilation is needed to combat issues such as condensation and mould

Protect your Investment

Protect your Tenants

Protect your reputation

*** Important information for Landlords and Property Managers ***

The Homes for Habitation Act 2019

An update to the Homes for Habitation Act can into force on 20th March 2019.  It is designed to ensure that all rented accommodation is fit for human habitation and to strengthen tenants’ means of redress against the minority of landlords who do not fulfill their legal obligations to keep their properties safe

What makes a home unfit?

The Homes for Habitation Act provides an extensive list including issues such as;

  • Damp
  • Mould
  • Condensation
  • Volatile Organic Compounds – pollutants in the air

If tenants are exposed to continuously and excessive issues inside their property, they can now more easily hold landlords and property managers to account.

Why do these type of issues arise?

Issues such as condensation and mould are linked to a number of different factors including;

  • Poor or ineffective ventilation – remember, just because there is an extractor fan, or ventilation provision, it may not be working effectively
  • Poor or ineffective heating – this may be due to the quality/age and efficiency of the heating system, or where tenants are in fuel poverty
  • Lack of understanding – the link between the need for effective, mechanical ventilation is often not linked to issues such as condensation and mould!

Our Services – How can we help?

We offer a range of services for landlords and property managers to ensure homes are kept free from mould and condensation issues by providing and advising on effective ventilation strategies.  Air movement in and around the property is a fundamental part of preventing these issues and ensuring good indoor air quality.  Remember, just because there is a fan and it’s whirring away in the corner, it isn’t necessarily doing the job it’s supposed to – we’ve been to properties when the extraction rate is LESS than 10% of the stated performance meaning it’s making a noise, consuming energy but not extracting a thing!

Call out & System Investigation

Our engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of ventilation systems including heat recovery, central extract, positive pressure and extractor fans – we can attend the property and investigate any complaints or issues.  If we can, we’ll fix it, but if not, we will provide a report and quotation to complete additional works.

Ventilation System Servicing

Dust and debris build can clog the system affecting its overall performance in a property. Annual maintenance is recommended to keep the system running effectively and eliminate issues such as mould and condensation.  We offer a range of services for ventilation systems including Heat Recovery, Central Extract and Positive Input Ventilation.

heat recovery filter replacement

Ventilation Review/Replacement

We can assist in replacing failed units as well as recommending options to overcome issues such as mould and condensation.  Sometimes, even through a ventilation system is in place, and making a noise, it’s not being effective in the property at clearing moisture and humidity. A ventilation review will look at all options to increase air movement and protect the property.

insulated ducting in heat recovery

If you need a ventilation review, system service or need support with a product that is already installed – or if you just need some advice – please contact us;

Office: 033 0223 4180

Service/Support Team Direct: 07511 925115


3 & 5 Year Protect Plan Options;

We also offer long-term protection plans for homes for 2, 3, or 5 years.
The long-term plan options include;

  • Annual servicing only
  • Annual servicing and call out/investigation
  • Annual servicing, call out/investigation & parts

Depending on the type of system installed, and age/condition, for a small monthly fee we can help ensure the property has effective ventilation and is free from issues such as condensation and mould.

Ventilation system test and certification;

Sometimes a fan can be whirring away, or a central ventilation system installed, but due to poor installation and lack of maintenance it’s not doing the job it’s supposed to.

The Building Regulations sets out airflow rates for new homes, and often these are used as Best Practice in existing homes.

With increased rights to tenants over issues such as mould and condensation, why not test and certify the ventilation performance in your property?  For peace of mind and to know that you are meeting good and effective airflow performance.

hrv servicing