Providing effective ventilation to eliminate mould and condensation

When you are renting homes, reducing the risk of issues that affect the indoor environment, the building fabric and ultimately the tenant are fundamental.  Air isn’t something we can see, but the consequences of excessive moisture, lack of air movement and replacement of air can result in costly consequences.

Mould and Condensation aren’t just related to ventilation – heating also plays it’s part among other things.

Providing effective ventilation in a property is now crucial.  Sealing up the property with double glazing and insulation ‘keeps the heat in’ but what about moisture and pollutants in the air that needs to escape?  These are things, especially moisture that increases humidity and can result in issues such as condensation and mould.

In light of the changes to the Homes for Habitation Act we’ve put together 6 tips to help ensure you choose the most effective ventilation to protect the property, the investment and ultimately the tenants.