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MVHR Heat Recovery Servicing

Your MVHR heat recovery system offers 3 fundamantal benefits to you and your home;

  • To maintain a good level of indoor air quality 
  • To contribute to a comfortable indoor environment 
  • To help reduce your heating bill by re-using heat that would have otherwise have been lost (up to 95% heat recovery)

You need to reguarly service the unit - it won't be able to do it's job if it's clogged with dust, debris, grease and more! 

Key areas that need attention 
(see some of the images from recent projects!)

  • Clogged motors
  • Build up dirt and debris inside the unit and heat exchanger
  • Collection of dust in inroom air valves
  • Black and dirty supply and extract filters

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Heat Recovery Service

Full comprehensive service for all makes and models



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What's included?

  • Clean and sanitise unit and motors
    Remove, clean & sanitise heat exchanger
    New supply and extract filters* 
    Sanitise air valves/duct connections
    Test/balance extract/supply airflow rates
  • Service report with recommendations
  • *Basic Barrier filter included 
  • Block/Neighbours discount available 
  • SAVE £20.00 with online quote & pay

Filter Upgrades
Choose based on your Indoor Air Quality Needs;
Summer Sneezer, Dust Destroyer, or Proper Stopper 
(extra charges will apply for filter upgrade) Prices based on location/property type/bedrooms

Heat Recovery Service DC

Full comprehensive service for all makes and models and ducting deep clean



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What's included?

Ventilation Unit Service
•    Clean/sanitise inside unit & motors*
•    Remove, clean/sanitise heat exchanger*
•    Supply & fit supply/extract air filters (Basic Barrier Grade)
•    Sanitise all room air valves & duct connections
•    Test and balance airflow rates
•    Service Report including recommendations
*if internal components are accessible

Ducting Deep Clean – Rigid Ducting Systems
Deep cleaning mechanical fogging provides sanitisation and anti-bacterial clean of the ducting, killing 99.99% of bacteria in the ductwork

Ducting Deep Clean – Semi-Rigid Ducting Systems
Deep cleaning mechanical cleaning brush system around and mechanical fogging to provide sanitisation and anti-bacterial clean of the ducting, killing 99.99% of the bacteria in the ductwork

  • Full deep cleaning scope provided with quotation
  • We will determine which type of ducting system you have via photos, video call or engineer visit
  • System Service and Ducting Deep Clean quoted per individual property

AIRATA™ Plant Based Power.

We're reducing unnecessary pollutants being introduced to your home when servicing your ventilation system by using plant-based, toxic free cleaners.

AIRATA products offer exceptional levels of cleaning and are brewed with essential oils which offer natural anti-bacterial properties - no synthetic fragrances here!
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