Greenwood Airvac

The Greenwood range of Heat Recovery systems are designed to offer energy efficient ventilation to apartments and houses.

The full range includes the following models;

  • Vireo HR155WM
  • Vireo HR155CM
  • Vireo HR185WM
  • HRV2
  • HRV1
Greenwood Airvac HR155WM


Servicing is recommended every 12 months to ensure the heat recovery system works effectively in the home.  Dust and debris builds up around the motor, in the heat exchanger, in room air valves and clogs the supply and extract filters which can affect airflow performance and indoor air quality.

We offer a range of service options for the Greenwood Vireo HR155, HRV2 and HRV1 ranges which includes replacement filters and a thorough clean of the key parts of the system where dust and debris build up.  After each service we re-balance and commission the airflow rates to ensure optional performance and noise levels.


The Greenwood Airvac Range range of heat recovery units – Vireo HR155WM, HR155CM, HR185WM, HRV2 and HRV1 units has 2 integral filters – one for supply air  and one for extract air that ensures good indoor air quality as well as protects the motor and unit from dust and debris build up.

These filters are doing a very important job and are recommended to be checked/replaced every 6 months, especially in urban areas.

Operation Guide

Ventilation is crucial in your home, especially if it has been built to higher energy efficient standards designed to ‘keep the heat in’.  A heat recovery system removes stale polluted air and replaces it with fresh filtered air throughout the day.  During the winter and colder months, it also recovers heat from the stale air and then re-uses to temper the fresh incoming air which helps reduce heating bills and saves you money!

Your homeowner user guide will provide all of the essential information you need to know including;

  • System information including boost control details e.g. switch, humidity, light switch
  • Warning indicators & maintenance schedules
  • Warranty periods

Report an Issue

Heat Recovery systems are designed to run effectively for many years if they are maintained every year.  Excessive dust and debris build up overtime can impact motors, and other elements of the system.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues, the system may have a fault which needs to be investigated;

  • Mould and condensation
  • Increased noise levels
  • Any form of water dripping from the unit
  • Black marks around the grilles or on the ceiling

We have a team of engineers who are experience in investigating issues with a range of ventilation systems – sometimes it’s as simple as undertaking a deep cleanse of the system including the ducting, and other times it may be a part has failed and needs to be replaced e.g. motor.

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