Honestly, it’s not enough.

If you are experiencing continuous issues and complaints around condensation on windows and mould and damp in the bathroom then a proactive solution is required.  Opening a window will provide what is called ‘rapid ventilation’ at the point of moisture generation e.g showering, however this may not be realistic throughout the year due to security issues and external temperatures.

Why isn’t opening a window enough?

In the good old days, houses were really leaky and we mean REALLY leaky.  We didn’t have to rely on mechanical ventilation to move air, remove moisture and pollutants – it just happened naturally and was aided by opening the window.

I suppose this is why we keep doing it.

Todays’ homes are different and we don’t just mean the new ones – existing housing stock has also changed;

You can treat mould (it will be back)

You can treat the condensation and mould and get rid of the visible signs, but this is a  short term fix  and won’t get to the root cause;

Treating mould in bathrooms, bedrooms and around the property;

  1. Clean the mould from the affected areas – follow the H&S guidelines!
  2. Apply an anti-mould paint to the affected surfaces/walls
  3. Use de-humidifiers for a set time to dry out any very bad areas
  4. Open trickle ventilators in windows (if applicable)
  5. Test extractor fan performance in bathroom/kitchen**
  6. Review the heating strategy around the affected areas


We’ve recently been working on a mould and condensation project.  There were fans installed and we tested their performance.  They were doing only 2% of the performance they were supposed to (hence condensation and mould issues)

Or you can eliminate it.

Ultimately, you need effective ventilation and air movement around the property to help eliminate issues with mould, damp and condensation. You need to move  air in, out and around the property and not just reply on tenants and occupants to open windows and use manual/intermittent systems.

We always advise the use of  CONTINUOUS VENTILATION because it is he most effective long term solution;

  • It runs 24 hours a day at a very low rate and boosts when needed (cooking/showering)
  • It’s energy efficiency and costs between £2.50 – £25.00 per year to run*
  • It provides up to 4 times more ventilation/air change to the property than a typical bathroom extractor fan
  • It’s ultra quiet, so it’s not a nusiance (as long as it is maintained)


“just thought i’d let you know that new ventilation systems seem to be working nicely.  The mould in the bathroom has completely gone without me doing anything!”

Occupant, Flat 2, Garden Court – Mould & Condensation Project

We can help.

We’ve helped many many properties, landlords and homeowners remove issues with mould in bathrooms, mould in bedrooms and condensation streaming down windows.  We have proven experience in air and air movement,one of the fundamental requirements to help eliminate these type of issues for the long term.

We help protect people, protect properties and protect investments.

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