Ventilation in your home

Ventilation is crucial to your comfort, your well-being and for the protection of the building fabric.

Did you know?
A family of four can create as many as 24 pints of water PER DAY inside the home from cooking, showering, boiling the kettle, hanging clothes to dry and breathing.

Ventilation helps remove moisture as well as other particles and odours in the air such as dust, pollen and volatile organic compounds.  It also eliminates issues such as condensation and mould which are associated with poor air movement and ventilation.

Do you know how your home is ventilated and what system is installed?


insulating your home is good, but you need ventilation

The more energy efficient your home –
the more effective ventilation is required.

If your home was built in the  last ten years,
it will have a mechanical system that will
require some form of  annual servicing &
maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

New Ventilation System Homeowner Guides

We’ve made it as simple as possible.
If you want to know more about ventilation and the system you have in your  home, or you are trying to understand what might be the best option to meet your needs, we have created some simple homeowner guides which provide information on;

  • The importance of ventilation in modern, energy efficient homes
  • What the system is and how it works
  • How to control the system for optimal performance and comfort
  • Annual servicing and maintenance requirements

Heat Recovery Ventilation

Download Homeowner Guide

Example MVHR Makes and Models 

Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic
Greenwood Vireo HR155
Zehnder ComforAir CAQ350
Titon HRVQ Plus
Brookvent Aircycle

Central Extract Ventilation

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Example MEV Makes and Models

Vent Axia Multivent
Nuaire MEVDC
Greenwood Centair CMEV.4e
Titon CME2 Q Plus
Envirovent Spider

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Do you think your system needs attention or an annual service?

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