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Specialists in everything ventilation, air conditioning and the indoor environment

We're approved contractors for landlords, property managers, social housing providers and letting agents.

We're here to help with single properties, or larger scale planned maintenance;

  • Ventilation System Servicing
  • Ventilation System Maintenance
  • New Ventilation System Installs
  • Air Conditioning Installs & Servicing
  • Condensation & Mould Investigation

If you would like to discuss our services and supporting your properties, please call us on 033 0223 4180 or send an enquiry

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Why work with us?


If you've got a condensation issues or need help with a ventilation system - call us - there isn't much we dont know about how air moves around a home and how to solve problems. We can work with you on a responsive property by property basis or work on a planned programme for multiple properties.


You'll always get cost effective solutions and unbiased advice from us - we're a contractor and we have access to a wide range of brands, makes and models.  We'll always offer the best options for your homes or work with you if you have already decided what product you are inetrested in.



We've installed, maintained and fixed over 13,000 ventilation systems in new and existing properties from standard bathroom and kitchen fans to whole house systems such as Heat Recovery and central extract as well as home air conditioning units.

Ventilation Servicing

Include ventilation with all of the other safety checks!

Modern homes built to higher energy efficient standards have whole house mechanical ventilation systems which require annual servicing to maintain a comfortable indoor environment, eliminate mould and condensation and help lengthen the life of the unit (without servicing motors can seize up from grease and debris build up).  

We can offer a range of ventilation system servicing;

  • MVHR Heat Recovery Servicing
  • MEV Central Extract Servicing 
  • PIV Positive Pressure Servicing
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Fan Servicing

We are experienced with all makes and models and types of system.

Ventilation System Maintenance & Replacement

Call us and we'll fix the problem.

Ventilation systems and fans are essentially a 'white goods' in the home and they can go wrong or simply come to the end of their life - this can be anything from motor or PCB issues to blockages in the ducting or inside the unit itsell.

We can help fix these common issues;

  • Excessive noise (which is getting worse)
  • Not clearing the air after a shower 
  • Error codes/flashing lights on MVHR unit
  • Water leaking from the MVHR unit
  • Mould growth on or around the ventilation system/ducting, or in the room
  • A foul smell coming from the ventilation or heat recovery system

New Ventilation System Install

Like for like or new- we've got it covered

We can offer a full design, installation and commissioning service for ventilation systems, whether it's a brand new installation or replacing an old system that has failed. We are experieced with bathroom and kitchen extractor fans, MEV systems, MVHR Heat Recovery Installations and Positive Pressure.

We can provide a full supply and installation service which will ensure;

  • Building Regulation compliance
  • Any problem is solved - e.g. condensation, overheating, allergies
  • A high quality installation for long term satisfaction
  • Ongoing support and service & maintenance plans

We are independent and experienced with many brands, makes and models so we can offer the most suitable and cost effective solution for your home and development.

Case Study - Approved Contractor

Responsive Repairs and Planned Maintenance

Client:            London Based Letting Agent (Battesea Office)
                Various Private Properties located in London
Product:        MVHR Servicing, System Replacements & Air Conditioning Servicing

Project Details
Our work ranges from calls outs to planned ventilation servicing for new tenants. We've helped fix issues with condensation and mould as well as replace failed motors and PCB's heat recovery systems.  
We are fully insured and provide photos and reports for each job directly after the work has been completed - all of our service engineers use a mobile app to record all work and are experienced with all makes and models.