Heat Recovery Filters

What is the job of the heat recovery filters?

There are 2 filters inside your heat recovery system that need checking and/or replacing every 6-12 months

  1. Supply Air Filter
    This filter is managing air entering your home from outside.  It is removing pollen, dust, debris and pollutants so that a good level of indoor air quality can be maintained inside your home
  2. Extract Air Filter
    This filter is managing air being removed from your home.  It is filtering dust and debris to help protect the motor and system for long term performance
Heat recovery filter
Recommended no. of days to check/replace heat recovery filters

Can I check and replace the heat recovery filters myself?

Yes (on most units) – they are usually easily accessible at the front of the unit

Please ensure you;

  1. Isolate the power
    For safety and protection of the unit, always turn the power off to the unit when checking or replacing filters
  2. Refer to the manufacturers instructions or operation & maintenance guides
    This will give your instructions on how to access the filters, and how to change them.
    Most heat recovery systems also have a warning indicator when filters need to be checked or replaced.
    You will need to reset the warning indicator when this is finished, again which should be found in the manufacturers operation guide
heat recovery filter replacement

2018 Heat Recovery Filter Hall of Shame

Heat Recovery filters show the reality of the quality of the air – the thing we can’t see.
It’s amazing to see how quickly and how badly they get clogged.

Here are some of filters our HRV Protect team have seen this year whilst out servicing heat recovery systems;

Filter #1

2 Bedroom apartment East London
Filters not checked/replaced for over 10 months
Complaints of ‘stuffy’ feeling in home
Performance and indoor air quality affected

Heat recovery filter

Filter #2

1 Bedroom apartment South London
Filter not checked/replaced for over 2 years
Condensation issues reported in the home
Clogged filters impacting performance by 10%

heat recovery filter dirty

Filter #3
Yuck (and it smells)

2 Bedroom Apartment central London
Filters never replaced (at least 2 years)
Complaints of noise from system
Clogged filters and unit resulted increased resistance which resulted in noise

heat recovery filter clogged

Filter #4

2 Bedroom apartment North London
Filters not checked for 18 months
Condensation issues reported
Clogged filters impacting performance of the system, reducing ventilation rates

Heat Recovery Filter

Filter #5
Thick dirt – totally clogged

1 bedroom apartment – West London
Filters never replaced (only 18 months!)
Complaints of condensation on windows
Clogged filters and dust and debris inside the unit reduced airflow performance

mvhr heat recovery clogged filters

Filter #6
Half an inch build of dirt & much

3 Bedroom flat in South East London
Filters not checked for up to 2 years
Indoor environment feeling humid
Lack of maintenance to the entire system affected the airflow performance to the home

clogged heat recovery filter

Heat Recovery System Servicing

It is recommended that a heat recovery system is serviced every 12 months to ensure performance is maintained and indoor air quality does not suffer,  After 12 months high volumes of air of passed through the system which can cause clogging in the following areas;

  • Inside the unit around the motors
  • Inside the heat exchanger
  • On the filters (supply and extract)
  • Around the air valves (supply and extract)
  • Inside the duct runs
More about Heat Recovery Servicing

Replacing Heat Recovery Unit Filters

We can provide new filters for your heat recovery ventilation system.
Simply send us an enquiry detailing the make and model of your system e.g. Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic BH
If you are not sure, just send us a picture to enquiries@hrv-group.com and we’ll let you know what you need.

Heat Recovery Filter Enquiry