Independent Commissioning

Building Control will require a commissioning certificate for all types of ventilation systems installed in new build housing for compliance with ADF: Approved Document F.

The DVC (Domestic Ventilation Certificate) provides key information about the system type, make, model, and extract and supply airflow rates.  This certificate should be included in the homeowner pack.

Compliant System Installs by HRV since 2014

Our Commissioning

We can offer commissioning services for a full range of ventilation systems including Heat Recovery, MEV, PIV and individual extract fans.  If we are working on your project installing the systems, we always use different engineers to complete the commissioning to ensure accuracy and continued quality.

If you choose HRV to commission your systems we offer;

  • BPEC Accredited Engineers
  • Fully Calibrated and Certified Test Equipment
  • Extensive Experience 
  • Pass/Fail Certificate including recommendations