Like what?

It comes down to one single thing really – AIR.

The AIR inside a home or building has a fundamental impact on the way we feel when we are inside.  We all reach for the temperature controls or the plug in fans when we need them, but what else is needed?

Here are the four key things that every #indoorenvironment needs to keep comfortable, keep fresh, healthy and contribute to energy efficiency.

Air Movement

A ventilation system moves air in, around and out of a building or home – the continuous movement of air (we’re not talking gail force wind) means that the air is ever changing and remains fresh.

In the summer when it’s hot, air movement is crucial to add to the cooling effect!  In today’s modern energy efficient homes and those that have had insulation upgrades, continuous ventilation is the best option to keep those comfort levels on point!

Humidity Control

A family of 4 can create up to 24 moisture per day from cooking, showering, hanging clothes to dry and breathing!

This moisture will make it uncomfortable (think about a humid night..) and will result in condensation and mould over time if not removed from a home effectively  A ventilation system is extracting stale along – along with it the moisture – so keeping the humidity levels down and keep the indoor environment comfortable!

Pollutant Removal

What we don’t know won’t hurt us right?
Well indoor air is estimated to be 50 x more polluted than outdoors, so you’ll be pleased to hear that a ventilation system is taking care of the dust mites and other pollutants that are hanging around in the air from cleaning products, furnishings as well as from outdoor air pollution that has made it’s way inside!!

Given that a lot of homes are near to busy roads, this is an important requirement!

Fresh Air

A ventilation system is focusing as much on removing stale, polluted air as it is about bringing in fresh air because lets face it, we all need fresh air to keep us awake, alert and comfortable.

For added protection the incoming air is usually filtered to help maintain good indoor air quality and have a positive impact on health and well-being

So how do we control these things we can’t see?

Good effective ventilation.
AND especially in modern homes that are built more airtight than ever before.

Ventilation is simply the removal of stale air from indoors and it’s replacement with fresh air from outside (often with a little help from a filter) and it’s doing much more than you think!

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