System Service & Support

If there is something wrong with your ventilation system, you will see and feel the impact of poor air movement and air quality.  We are experienced with all types, makes and models of ventilation systems and can offer support to fix and replace systems in houses, apartments and other types of buildings.

Typical issues we have helped with;

  • Flashing/Warning lights on unit or control panels
  • Boost function not working (e.g when you are having a shower)
  • Excessive noise, even on trickle speed
  • Dripping water (from condensate connection)
  • Humid/uncomfortable feeling inside property
  • Condensation on windows
  • Mould on ceilings & walls

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How do we find out what the problem is?

Vent Health Check

One of our engineers will visit your property and undertake our HRV Vent Heat Check.
The Health Check is designed to look at the key aspects of the system and identify the root cause of any issues that have been reported and includes;

  • Visual inspection of the unit, grilles and ducting (where accessible)
  • Discussion around issues that are being experienced with system
  • Current airflow performance (extract & supply)
  • Report and recommendations

Based on the findings during the health check it may be possible to fix the unit on the same day.  If this is not achievable, your health check report will include recommendations and quote for further works needed.  Where possible we will always try and fix the unit at the first visit (part and time pending).  Cost of Vent Health Check is £105.00 (inclusive of VAT)

We are experienced with all brands including Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic, Nuaire MRXBOX, Titon HRVQPlus, Greenwood HR155WM, Greenwood HRV2, Zehnder CA350, Vortice, Envirovent, Itho and many many more.  Just call us on 033 0223 4180 or email


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    What can we do to fix the system?

    Spare Parts

    Some ventiation systems e.g. Vent Axia Sentinel Kinetic, Nuaire MRXBOX have been designed so that individual parts are replaceable such as motors, PCB’s, controls and sensors.  If this is the problem with your heat recovery system we can source these directly from the manufacturer and provide a quotation to replace them so that your system works effectively.


    Replacement System

    Heat Recovery Systems are designed to last for 10+ years  with regular servicing and maintenance and all manufacturers offer a warranty on the system/parts ranging from 2-5 years from the point of purchase.  Where replacement parts are not available, or the system has come to the end of it’s life, we can remove the existing unit, dispose of it and replace it a new, upgraded energy efficient version.


    Full System Service

    Ventilation systems including heat recovery, MEV and PIV need annual servicing to ensure they can do the job they are supposed to.  Over 12 months they become clogged with dust and debris which impacts performance and increases noise levels.  If we are called to undertake a health check on the unit and the reason it’s not working effectively is because it needs servicing we’ll tell you there and then and complete it – and we’ll just charge for the service!

    “The entire process was quick and efficient – I needed a new motor and PCB for my Vent Axia  system which is 5 years old. The HRV engineer came and looked at the system and within a week everything was back up and running – great service – they know what they are talking about!.“
    – Brett Southerby
    Private Homeowner E12, London

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