Eliminating mould, condensation on windows and damp issues

There isn’t a single solution to treat issues such as condensation on windows, mould in bathrooms and damp in and around a home.
There are many factors that impact WHY the issues with mould in the bathroom or bedroom and condensation on the windows is occurring including;

  • Current ventilation strategy (if there is one!?!)
  • Age and performance of heating strategy
  • Insulation upgrades
  • Age of property
  • Layout of property
  • Where is the property the issues are e.g just in wet rooms or all around the house such as behind a wardrobe

It’s our mission to keep indoor indoor environment fresh, efficient and comfortable – so we will choose the most effective solution for you issues.  We specialise in solving problems with mould in the bathrooms, condensation on windows and everything in between.  We’ll survey your home and recommend the most suitable solution.

condensation on windows and mould on bathroom ceiling

What type of solutions are used to cure condensation on windows?

If the mould in the bathroom, condensation on windows or damp in the back of the wardrobe is caused by lack of air movement and effective ventilation, we have a several solutions we can offer – here are a couple of examples.  Remember, we’ll need to come and survey your home first.

Positive Input Ventilation

Ideal for;

  • Existing properties including apartments & houses
  • Mould, damp & condensation on windows issues  located in and around the property
  • Installation in loft space or hallway depending on property type, layout and installation options
  • Long term eradication of mould and condensation on windows

How does the system work?

A positive pressure system is ultimately a big fan that provides a constant flow of air into your home and what goes in, must come out… As the new fresh filtered air comes into your home it naturally pushes the stale air out which contains moisture and pollutants – it leaves through the natural paths and opening in the building e.g. around windows, through doors, letterboxes and any gaps/openings.

Positive pressure if a proven solution in homes to help eliminate long term issues with condensation on windows and mould in bathrooms and around the property;

  • Heater and high grade filter options also available
  • Annual running costs as low as £8.00 per year!
  • Filter replacement between 12-18 months
  • Extractor fans recommended in bathroom/kitchen (balanced system/extraction)
Positive Pressure System to treat condensation on windows and mouldPositive pressure for flats to treat condensation on windows and mould

Mechanical Extract Ventilation

Ideal for;

  • Existing properties including apartments & houses
  • Condensation on windows and mould issues in bathrooms and other areas inside the property e,g ceilings, behind furniture/wardrobes
  • Installations that can accommodate rigid duct runs, external termination and supply air provision e.g. tile vent in loft or core drill and airbricks or trickle vents

How does the system work?

In simple terms central mechanical extract does the same job as multiple extractor fans in a more efficient and more effective way.  It runs continuously and extracts air, moisture and pollutants at a low level which then boosts when required e.g. rise in humidity, boost switch

It is an excellent and proven solution for condensation on windows and mould in homes and also helps with reducing humidity levels and keeping air moving!

  • Sensors including automatic humidity and timers can be set up based on requirements
  • Annual running costs approx £15.00 per year
  • Low maintenance
  • Supply air/replacement air provision required throughout the property e.g. trickle vents, airbrick,
Mechanical ventilation
mechanical ventilation installed

And there’s more

We have several ways of curing condensation damp, condensation on windows and mould from bathrooms, ceilings, behind wardrobes and more.
AND if indoor air quality is a concern due to allergies and health issues, or just because you want to improve the air you breathe in your home, then we can consider other options including additional filtration and treatments to filters that continue to keep them fresh and healthy for the long-term.

  • Continuously running extractor fans with SMART Technology
  • MVHR – Heat Recovery Ventilation
  • High grade filtration and indoor air quality options

If you need to discuss issues like mould and condensation on windows in your home or property give us a call on 033 0223 4180 (option 2) or fill in our form