Residential New Build

We design, install and commission  ventilation systems with integrated heating and cooling in new homes. We’ll offer extensive experience and a commitment to quality that we know sets us apart from the rest.

We work on large multi-unit, multi-phased developments as well as smaller sites and single houses.  We know the importance of the delivery of installed performance and that our specialists skills offer a valuable

Compliant ventilation system installations since 2014
Combine years of experience in the team

How can we help you?

We’ll ensure feasibility of your design including clash detection and achieving installed performance

We’ll design compliant systems, always looking for efficiencies from a cost perspective

We’ve grown our business on the quality of our installation and getting it right first time

We offer independent testing to ensure all of the boxes are ticked for compliance



Plot by plot you can see exactly the status of the project via our online customer portal

Homeowner Packs
How it works, the benefits and maintenance – we’ve developed this to help make it as simple as possible

Bespoke Fabrication
We design in-house and fabricate the components to work in conjunction with building aesthetics and optimise the efficiency of the airflow systems.


If you work with us, your project will be managed through our own purpose built project portal my.HRV which offers many benefits including;

  • Real time status of project plot by plot
  • Quality control with clear visibility of which engineers have completed work
  • Access to all documents & communications
  • Digital process eliminating paperwork and endless email trails

What products do we offer?

When it comes to New Build its all about designing ducted ventilation systems to meet Building Regulations and and other additional planning requirements such as noise or air quality. We are an independent contractor and we have access to the markets’ leading brands and we are experienced with all makes and models.  Our work covers all ventilation methodologies including;

  • System 1 Intermittent extract ventilation (SPV)
  • System 2 Passive stack ventilation (PSV)
  • System 3 Continuous mechanical extraction (MEV)
  • System 4 Continuous mechanical supply and extraction with heat recovery (MVHR)

For all Building Regulation and Installation Best Practice Guidance for ventilation please refer to the documents below;

Approved Document F