Yep – 24 pints from cooking, showering, hanging clothes to dry and breathing!

How can we help you get rid of mould and condensation in your home?

We understand moisture, humidity and air movement in properties – the things you can’t actually see.  We don’t just clean and treat the area, we’ll work out WHY it’s happening in the first place.  We’ll get to the root cause.

We have seen so many bathrooms with mould growing on the ceiling, damp in wardrobes and condensation streaming down windows and we’ve delivered low energy, cost effective solutions for the long term.

We offer a GUARANTEED solution once we’ve surveyed your home and seen exactly what is happening.

The time it takes for our solutions to work effectively & for you to see and feel the difference in your home!

Book your home survey/send enquiry now

The first step is for us to come and have a look at the issues you are experiencing and then we can discuss how to get rid of mould – fill out your details and we’ll be in touch really soon.

    Things you might want to know;