Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery is a modern solution to a very modern problem. It enables you to have an air-tight, energy efficient home that’s also healthy and well-ventilated.

Put simply, heat recovery ventilation allows you to bring fresh air into a home without letting the heat escape.

Modern homes are usually built to far higher technical standards than buildings constructed a few decades back and are therefore more energy efficient; due in the most part to heat insulation. But there is a drawback to a more air-tight property; our homes need regular changes of air to keep them healthy.

Baths and showers, doing the dishes, washing machines, drying clothes indoors and even occupants breath can produce astonishing amounts of water.

Let this situation go unchecked and you’ll be inviting mould, mildew and dust mites to flourish and even causing or aggravating asthma.

So how does it work ?

The analogy of allowing a home to breathe properly is apt. Essentially, ventilation and heat recovery systems are ‘noses’ on houses – they consist of two ventilation ducts running next to one another and passing between the inside and outside of a house.

One carries cool, fresh air in; the other carries moist stale air out. The clever bit with MVHR is that both airstreams run through a device called a heat exchanger that allows the outgoing air to pass most of its heat to the incoming air without the two airstreams actually coming into contact with one another.

Heat Recovery Ventilation - HRV Group

Controlling humidity

Inside each air duct there’s a fan that can be turned up or down, either manually or automatically, depending on the humidity levels.

The incoming air supply may also have a bypass fitted to it so that during summer, when it’s colder outside than in, cold air can be channelled straight into the home without meeting the outgoing air.

Just imagine being able to throw open your windows without letting the heat out.

How mechnical ventilation and heat recovery works

MVHR how it works

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