Invest now, Save Later.

Mould, condensation and damp in bathrooms and around homes are recurring problems if you don’t get to the root cause of the issue.  Whether insulation, heating ventilation or all three –  air and moisture – the things you can’t see are inside your home need effective management, otherwise the windows will continue to stream with condensation and mould will continue to grow in the bathroom.

So how much does it cost?
Well as far as we see it, you have two options;

Do you just a stick a plaster over it?

Treating the visible signs of mould and condensation will remove the problems, but not eradicate them for the long term. The mould will be gone, but it will be back time and time again, and you’ll be reaching for your wallet time and time again.

Recurring costs;

  • Mould removal and cleaning
  • Wall and surface area treatments e.g. anti-mould paint
  • Full re-decoration of property (in extreme cases)
  • Replacement of clothes and furniture affected by mould growth
  • Replacement windows rotted by excessive moisture
  • Installing extractor fans of various controls
  • Renting or buying de-humidifiers

You’ll easily be spending £200 upwards each and every time you need to treat the mould & condensation
NOTE: Condensation season runs from November to March.

Or do you treat it once and for all?

If you get to the root problem, you’ll get rid of the mould in your bathroom for good. It’s as simple as that.

For an effective condenstion and mould busting strategy, you need to work with a specialists who understands how air movement, moisture, humidity, heating and insulation all play their parts in the process.  If you are fed up dealing with bathroom mould and condensation on windows, you need to consider a more effective solution;

  • Home Survey & Review
  • Airflow & Humidity Testing and Report
  • Recommendations and Solution Design
  • Supply, Fit & Commission whole house system including mould cleaning options
  • 30 Day Check in – GUARANTEED RESULTS by this time

Prices start from £500+VAT depending on type of problems, size of property, layout and individual customer requirements

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