We have but one simple mission in life – to protect property and people.

We do this by carefully planning, designing and installing well thought-out bespoke ventilation strategies and all the while consulting you at every stage of the process. This is so that the indoor air quality of dwellings is not compromised leading to potential health issues for the occupants and damage to the fabric of the building itself through condensation and mould.

A poorly installed or poorly maintained system can result in the any of the following:

  • Poor fan performance
  • Reduced protection against allergies
  • Poor extraction of odours and moisture
  • The possibility of damp
  • Uncomfortable room temperature
  • Health issues for the occupants
  • Damage to the fabric of the building
  • Higher energy bills

What we do

We work with the biggest and the best of them

We install ventilation and heat recovery systems for some of the major building companies and constructors in the UK.

These commissions can be multi-unit complex builds that require a smooth working relationship with the builder and architects. In many cases the total responsibility is left to our expertise and experience for the efficient air-flow and proper breathing of dwellings.

Our systems and solutions can be found working hard and allowing the following locations and offices to breathe properly:

Their knowledge of ventilation systems and associated regulations is unrivalled, providing our business with another service for our customers.
– Graeme Heath
Director, Home Installations Limited

We work with self-builders and independents

As well as large scale ventilation and heat recovery projects, we plan and install systems for self builds and one-off property developments – instances, where we need to be mindful of a client’s budget and desired aesthetics.

In every case we will prepare explanatory plans of the project, specify the optimum ducting and fans to be used for the job, give you a schedule of works and, of course, a detailed quotation.

Our choice of parts, ducts, fans and materials will always be based on what is best for the task or project. We favour no particular brand or manufacturer, our only allegiance is to quality and performance.

We service and repair ventilation and heat recovery systems

 As well as designing and installing systems we also offer to service, repair and maintain existing ones, both ours and our competitors. This can range from basic repairs to full remedial works or an ongoing maintenance plan.

Our 5-Point Care Plans will keep systems in tip-top condition and running at optimum performance.

This service is available for individual home owners, tenants, landlords and property management companies.

We train our people (and others) to the highest standard

We believe all our engineers, the guys ‘on the tools’, should operate to the highest professional standards and be appropriately qualified.

So with our passion for the industry and the technology, it should come as no surprise that we offer industry-wide training.  Yes, we even train our competitors.

A two-day course at our HRVTM ACADEMY will bestow the required BPEC accreditation and certification.

We also offer a one-day First Aid training course.

We deliver to highest quality and efficiency

We pride ourselves on our customer service and track record for delivering industry leading HRV systems on time and on budget. Every client has access to our MyHRV™ project management portal which provides transparency and efficiency at every step.

It uniquely and quietly helps to keep projects on track too with its ‘open to all’ information display and documentation retention.

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